What Happened at the Marian Conference


I am humbled to have been asked to share my experience at the recent Marian Conference in St. Louis. My wife and I have been blessed the last two years to have attended this conference. The real life experiences shared by priests and lay persons were so affirming of our belief in the power of the Holy Spirit to convert souls, and of the efficacy of intercessory prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It’s impossible to encapsulate the weekend experience into a few short paragraphs, but here are some take aways: the Rosary is a weapon against evil. Since its inception it has been used literally to defeat evil in earthly manifestations of spiritual warfare as in the Battle of Lepanto. Miracles large and small continue to this day. At last year’s conference the stigmata appeared on the hand of the priest while blessing salt of exorcism! (I have the photo to prove it!) The denial of objective proof – relativism and rationalization – leads to culture of death: abortion and genocide.

The Marian Conference is full of spiritual experiences which can be shared by married couples as well as individually. It includes inspiring speakers, daily mass, rosary and time for Eucharistic Adoration and reconciliation. The presentations and even the sung Rosary literally brought me to tears on several occasions. Meals and breaks provide an excellent opportunity for sharing faith experiences. If you seek an opportunity to deepen your faith and understanding of Catholic teaching, I encourage you to check out the Marian Conference St. Louis on line.

Dan Fischbach

Columbia, MO