I Felt a Warmth

In September 2004, my son, age 20 was in a car accident that resulted in a severe brain injury. After a month of induced coma, he awoke. He was unable to walk, talk or eat by mouth. His internal injuries were catastrophic. 

The hospital he was in was Sacred Heart, a Catholic run organization, which had a priest and chapel in residence 24 hours a day. I thank God for that everyday! One day as I sat by my son’s bedside reciting the Rosary and pleading to my Lord and our Lady for complete healing, I was overwhelmed by the desire to go to Chapel. As I entered my thoughts were not my own, and I ran up to the sanctuary and prostrated myself on the floor below the Altar. I silently cried out “Please, Lord God! With every ounce of strength within me, please heal my precious son! Can’t You see how much suffering he is going through?” 

At that very moment, I felt a warmth over me and the wakening by the presence of God the Father, who filled me with the thoughts of Jesus’ mother at the foot of the cross. He said to me, “My precious child, hold on to your Blessed Mother, who suffered greatly, with her son‘s torture and death! She will be your comfort and the best intercessor, on behalf of your son! Find strength through her! She knows your pain!” I was immediately comforted knowing I had someone who really knew my circumstances, and the aloneness and helplessness I felt! Someone who I could identify with, who understood! Someone who could recognize the amount of pain my son was suffering! I felt a peace from that moment on, that God was definitely in control! 

My devotion to Mary has been one of thanksgiving and much gratitude to this day! My faith took giant leaps through that experience and continues to be strong and devoted to this day. Thank you, Jesus, my Lord and Savior! The gift of Your Blessed Mother, at that specific moment WAS truly a God send!

—Dawn Crow

North Bend, Oregon